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You’re tender-hearted and deeply caring. A highly sensitive person. And when it comes to healthy habits, you try! BUT… there’s something “different” about you.

  • You see others get a high after exercise, but all you get is worn out (even when you do less than them)
  • You try to do what others seem to handle, but end up injured or sick… and take longer to bounce back.
  • You’re kindhearted. But you feel secretly jealous seeing your elderly neighbors working hard in the garden ALL day… how on earth do they do it?
  • Your friends head to the gym or the pool, while you’re the (guilt-ridden) lone wolf slinking home to be in peace.
  • Your mind always seems to be ‘on-alert’. Your emotions are intense. Your body is reactive. Even sleep gives you little respite: your dreams are busy and vivid, you wake up tired and stay that way.
  • You’re conscientious and your inner critic drives you hard. There’s little time out to focus just on your needs. You don’t eat until you’re grumpy and diving for the nearest pick-me-up food… even though you know it makes you crash and hungover.

It’s confusing why it seems easier for others and your body seems to have a mind of its own. But the doctors just say “there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Exercise and self-care for the highly sensitive person

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In truth, you may be one of the 15-20% of people wired differently to most.

Which means self-care needs to look dramatically different for YOU.

Healthy Living Tips for the Highly Sensitive Person

In your free e-guide The 4 Areas of Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People, you’ll discover: 

  • The 4 characteristics of high sensitivity that can make some seemingly healthy habits hurt the sensitive person & their self-esteem.
  • The 4 key areas of health — most wellness programs miss out at least 2 of them, so no wonder they’re doomed to fail you.
  • Smarter (not harder) sensitive-friendly self-care tips you can blend easily into your life.
  • BONUS: a coaching tip on how to know which healthy habits to prioritize in your self-care, right now.

Simple effective tips that support your sensitive neurology.

So you can embrace the right healthy habits for you to create more energy, comfort and flow.

“Self-care isn’t just about massages you get or yoga you do or what you exclude from your diet. Those can be smokescreens for exhaustion, pressure, overwhelm, and lack of self-kindness.

Self-care is about the mindset, energy vibe, and actions you choose in each moment that guide you into the optimal range of stimulation for your nervous system for more of the time. Not Too Little – Not Too Much. It’s about creating the conditions that allow you to thrive.”

How Do I Know This?

MelyB1Hi, I’m Mely — a registered natural health practitioner and mind-body self-care coach (certified in bodywork, exercise and lifestyle coaching, NLP and life coaching). I’m also a technical writer and university researcher in health science.

But more than that, I understand what it’s like to be a sensitive woman who’s struggled with health issues and all things self-care. Now in my late-40s, I’ve come out the other side of burnout with more health, energy and confidence than in my 20s and 30s.

And I “get” it! I really do. Despite my extensive training in mind and body health modalities (including a Masters of Health Science degree in health beliefs for muscle and join pain), I ended up confused, terrified, and exhausted by my own endless and out-of-control health problems.

I was ashamed to be a health practitioner who was failing dismally in her own health.

The harder I tried to get better, the worse my health became.

It wasn’t until I discovered the term “sensory processing sensitivity” (aka: a highly sensitive person) that the penny finally dropped. I realized how this applied to my health and self-care, and finally I turned my health struggles around. I started getting well again by tweaking healthy habits and applying the gifts of sensitivity to healthy living.

Now, I’m on a mission to share my simple formulas for speaking the 7 languages of the brain and body in the 4 areas of health. I specialize in helping highly sensitive people stop “trying to push through” and finally succeed with a healthy mindset and healthy habits that work for them (even if this looks odd to most others). Because this didn’t just work for me. It’s worked for my clients, too. And it can work for you. I’d love to show you how, starting with the free resources on offer.

I live in New Zealand, and show sensitive women (and a few good men) from all over the world how to flourish in the art of self-care, in their own sweet vibrant way.



Melanie Brown MHealSc NHPNZ
Mind-Body Self-Care Coach
Registered Natural Health Practitioner


Amy-Pearson-685x1024Mely Brown is not just another health coach. She’s a thought leader. I had no idea how high sensitivity had been impacting my health and self-care. Now it all is so clear! Her work helped me to understand why I felt so different from other people but it also helped me to continue to modify my self care in a way that may seem “different” to a lot of people but totally works for me. Because of her ground breaking work in this area I’m in great physical health and better rested than ever so I can be the mom I want to be to my kids and the coach I want to be in my business.”

– Amy Pearson, USA

Kyah-for-testimonials“If I were to create my ideal coach, Mely would be it. Working with Mely, I could be one hundred percent me. I was able to finally look at my bingeing, which I had demonized. I went from looking like I was feeling good to the world, to actually feeling good inside. The level of confidence and trust in myself I feel now is priceless.”

– Kyah Johnson, USA

Alison-Hills“I can take the difficulties that will always occur and turn them around so that my anxiety completely leaves me. I can honestly say my life is much happier. People have noticed a change in me. The important thing to know about working with Mely is you achieve results.. ones that will last.

– Alison Hills, NZ

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